All new customers are required to fill out an application in full.
A copy of legal Identification must be attached to application.

Fees and Rates as of 09/01/2020
– Membership fee: $75.00 non-refundable.
– Deposit: $100.00 Refunded or applied to balance upon cancellation of account.
– 5/8” meter new service: $800.00
– 1” meter new service: $1000.00
– Out of district $3.00 (monthly)
– Turn off and /or re-connect for non-payment: $30.00 during normal business hours.
– After hours service calls $45.00
– NSF checks: $35.00
– meter tampering or cutting tags & locks: $50.00
– Name or address  transfers: $25.00 (must be current customer within the district)
– Past due date: 10% of total bill.
Delinquent accounts 60 days or more past due will be sent to the Credit Bureau for collections.

Residential Monthly Rates
$23.00 monthly minimum for each meter. This includes the first 2000 gallons used each month per meter.
$5.00 per thousand or any part there of over 2,000 gallons up to 15,000 gallons.
$5.50 per thousand gallons over 15,000.

Commercial Monthly Rates
$44.00 for 0-5,000 Gallons.
$6.00 per thousand or any part thereof over 5,000

$15.00 per thousand for bulk water sold at office